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This week’s Friday Focus is brought to you by Giovanni Albanese and Richard Jordan, today we discuss the report that SME manufacturers are missing out on potential business due to difficulties in access to finance. An estimated £183bn of revenue is being missed out on (to put that into perspective; roughly the size of Czech Republic’s GDP) meaning that around 23,000 small-medium sized manufacturing businesses were unable to create around 10 new jobs each on average.

Sylatec, a rurally based engineering business in North Yorkshire has received a significant grant funding investment of £450K from Let’s Grow North East & East Yorkshire. The grant will assist with the capital investment required to achieve accelerated growth for the company as they look to invest that in extra space at their facility and new machinery and automation solutions such as robotic machining cells.

We discuss the latest UK Innovation in Space flight that follows where the Concorde left off.
Capturing the imaginations of future engineers, it is said to be capable of flights from Europe to Australasia in just a few hours. Using SABRE (Synergetic Air-breathing Rocket Engine) Rocket engines developed by Reaction Engines in Oxfordshire. The new engines are much faster than traditional jet engines and operate up to Mach 5.4. A truly fascinating and exciting story for UK manufacturing.

MTD MFG this week found out, that in order to get the younger generation of aspiring and talented engineers into the industry, Birmingham-based Bromford Industries are investing in the latest technology and are piling resources into social and new media as they believe that’s where the attention of tomorrow’s engineer’s are.

Another great story for UK manufacturing and the automotive sector; the UK is said to be in pole-position for self-driving vehicles. A recent report says that by 2030 will boost the UK economy by £62bn creating around 420,000 new jobs. 20,000 of those will be within automotive and 55% will be highly trained and highly skilled jobs.

It’s the B word again – We can’t escape it lately. Companies have told MTD MFG that they are stock piling in case of a no-deal Brexit but they’ve been stock piling in a positive way although a no-deal Brexit currently looks unlikely. Gio visits lots of manufacturers weekly and he explains that they’re all really busy despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Next on the agenda is additive manufacturing or 3D printing which can now be achieved with metal. We also talk about how scientists are now able to manufacture blood vessels and organs to be used in medical applications, helping bespoke solutions to be created for individual medical needs.

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