Weekly UK Manufacturing News 03/05/19 | #UKmfg Focus

From Cars to Economics we talk about the pros and cons around growth within manufacturing.

This week is a little different in that we are featuring a number of topics a few close to Colin’s heart… Cars, crisps, sport, planes and economics!

Colin and Richard delve into the economic growth that manufacturing brings to the UK market and how we will potentially stand in the future.

Topics include: –

Aston Martin is opening a new plant this year in Wales where they will be manufacturing all of their SUV and electric cars. Their vision is for all their cars to have an electric option by 2020.

Bert’s Chips – expanding their Leicester base site from 120 up to another 60 employees Colin questions whether we have gone too far in regards to capitalism with examples of US economic growth… Richard delves into his thoughts and opinions on this.

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