EFAFLEX Energy Saving High-Speed Doors

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The EFAFLEX TK-100 high-speed spiral door. The truly one door solution for deep freeze areas. Spot the many advantages compared to a conventional deep freeze door.

Faster opening speeds (up to 2 metres per second) and closing speeds (up to 0.5 metres per second) mean less exposure to the elements to drive down energy costs by as much as 50%. The TK-100 is the ideal application for chill, cold frozen areas of ±30°C, with its almost hermetically sealed properties it offers the highest U value 0.62W/m²K.

Standard sizes available up to 4 meters wide x 6 meters tall. Capable of up to 200,000 operating cycles per year, this TK-100 is an asset to any business that utilises cold, chill or frozen areas within their facility.

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