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Yorkshire based food packaging manufacturer invest in plant

Tuesday 5 May 2020, 2:05 PM

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PFF has invested in new extrusion measuring systems on the lines at our 100,000 square foot production site in Washington, Tyne and Wear.

The installations, supplied by SBI International, will enable precision gauge control over the width of film used for the manufacture of thermoformed products, including over 20 million units of polypropylene trays produced at the site, each month. Following the big switch-on, the systems, which are already in use at Keighley, will greatly improve on process control.

Group Engineering Manager at Washington, Neil Bennett, said: “Thanks to a dedicated team of staff, the machines were installed in just three day, despite everyone keeping to social distancing.”

Group Managing Director, Kenton Robbins, said: “PFF’s latest investment demonstrates our commitment to the ongoing growth of the company. Being independent means that we’re able to act quickly and decisively on how and where we can improve on our operations to effect continuous service excellence for our customers.”

“The project has gone ahead at a time of extreme challenges to the economy due to the Coronavirus outbreak and we are particularly pleased to be able to share some very positive news at this time.”

As key workers in the UK food chain, PFF’s production staff have continued working throughout the Coronavirus outbreak with social distancing measures implemented at both sites, to keep staff safe. As a result, production has not been affected and the business has been able to operate at its normal capacity and fulfil customers’ orders. In accordance with Government guidelines, most PFF office staff have been working from home.Y

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