The BAC Mono R Supercar reaches full speed

Thursday 26 May 2022, 3:46 PM

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BAC continues production, and delivery, of the new Mono R – a higher-performance, lighter and more advanced new generation of the iconic Mono supercar. Produced in very limited numbers, the Mono R is one of the most exclusive supercars in the world.

The 25th customer car will soon leave BAC’s Liverpool manufacturing centre, which has seen recent investment in staffing, technology and manufacturing capability and sits alongside the recently opened innovation centre. Bespoke creations are at the heart of Mono, with each car built to a unique specification agreed with the BAC team after hours of client consultation, ensuring no two Mono Rs are the same. Mono R continues to be distributed around the world and will be on display at a number of new global dealer partners situated in the USA, Singapore, and Germany.

Mono R includes a number of industry firsts, just one is the inclusion of 44 graphene enhanced carbon composite body panels. Graphene, developed in partnership with Manchester University, is an innovative and lightweight material that brings weight and strength benefits. Made of sheets of carbon just one atom thick, it is significantly lighter and stronger than standard carbon fibre, bringing weight reductions of around 20% while being 200 times stronger than steel.

44 bespoke, graphene enhanced carbon composite body panels have been restyled to give Mono R a more aggressive stance. Main beam LED headlights centrally mounted on the nose reduce the frontal area and contribute to a minimalist appearance. The nose itself has been the subject of numerous aerodynamic enhancements, with more efficient front arches and wider sidepods as well as a larger and more aerodynamically efficient rear spoiler extending over the rear arches.

Mono’s 2.5-litre, normally aspirated, four-cylinder engine has increased in power by 38 bhp to deliver 343 bhp, and maximum revs increases from 7,800rpm to 8,800rpm. A new Formula-inspired ram-air inlet system provides pressurised air into an all-new throttle body and cylinder head system, and a higher-specification, drive-by-wire motor allows for a quicker throttle response.

Magnesium chassis and transmission components combine to further reduce mass and improve weight distribution, while new carbon-ceramic brakes – which save 2.55kg of unsprung mass per corner – are fitted as standard.

A new Inconel and stainless-steel exhaust system, lighter AP Racing brake calipers and an all-new carbon floor means Mono R weighs 25kg less than the standard Mono, at just 555kg.

Suspension geometry has been optimised to reduce pitch under braking, with increased anti-dive at the front and anti-squat at the rear maximising traction, while two-way adjustable Öhlins dampers feature for the first time. Specially homologated Pirelli Trofeo R tyres are fitted as standard, along with a range of option tyres, following a 2-year partnership with Pirelli.

The fuel tank of Mono R has increased in volume and been lowered, and the battery has been repositioned to the centre of the car underneath the driver for optimum balance – lowering the centre of gravity and improving weight distribution to near-perfect proportions.

The BAC Mono R supercar set a new production car lap record at the famous Red Bull Ring, Austria. British racing driver Adam Christodoulou averaged a remarkable 122mph lap of the 2.7-mile Red Bull Ring in a time of just 1:32.96 – beating the existing record, set by a LaFerrari, by 6 seconds.

In addition, British racing driver Oliver Webb lapped the 2.4-mile Goodwood track in an astonishing 1:15.03 – averaging a remarkable 115mph. Oliver’s production car time is just 5.12 seconds off the outright official Goodwood circuit record of 1:09.91, set by an Arrows-Ford A11 Formula One car.

Neill Briggs, BAC’s Director of Product Development, said, “Mono is known around the world for its ultra-high-performance and the new Mono R takes that to a new level. A number of technological industry firsts feature within our latest model and that, along with its uncompromised design, means Mono R has become the new reference for supercars. We are proud to commence deliveries of Mono R to customers around the globe, and we know every new owner will be hugely impressed by the capabilities offered by our new halo model.”

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