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Staysafe PPE are expanding their team

Updated on Thursday 23 July 2020, 2:31 PM

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Due to an increasing customer base, award winning Industrial Glove and PPE laundry service provider, Staysafe PPE are looking to grow their team.

Offering a no contract washing service from their HQ near Bridgnorth. Staysafe have saved over 71,300 items of PPE heading to landfill in October alone.

“We typically find that many companies simply have employees drop into a bin to throw away their dirty gloves, PPE and hi-viz” said Denise Brinton of Staysafe. “We offer them an alternative solution where we will collect their dirty garments and gloves, launder them in a special solution which removes dirt and bacteria. We then check for swarf and holes, pair up and send back for reuse. Not only are we helping the environment, companies are saving thousands of pounds each month by not having to replace their PPE”.

“Staysafe are asked regularly is this safe? And the simple answer is yes. Manufacturers of gloves and PPE provide washing instructions with their garments, they were never made to be used only for a day or a week. There are some items, such as Rigger Gloves that cannot be washed. But everything else is safe to do so” added Denise.

Staysafe have recently started washing for 3 large customers in the Motor, Oil and Foodstuff Industry. These new clients have triggered a need for more help at their factory and they are looking to take on at least 2 more full time employees. “We are excited to be growing our team and are hopeful that our small team will soon become much larger as more customers find the savings in using our unique service” said Denise.

If you’d like to find out how Staysafe PPE can help save your company money then please get in touch to arrange a free trial wash.

T: 01746 781027


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