Spillard Live offers transport sector the opportunity to reduce accidents and improve fleet behaviour

Tuesday 29 June 2021, 9:23 AM

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Transport operators across the UK are set to benefit from the introduction of new connected vehicle technology that will reduce accidents and improve fleet behaviour.

Spillard Safety Systems is planning to officially launch ‘Spillard Live’ when it exhibits at ITT Hub tomorrow (30th June) and is setting its sights on doubling the number of users in the sector to more than 20,000 by the end of the year.

The Wolverhampton-based company has invested £750,000 into creating the intuitive cloud-based platform that will capture and stream real time video and analytics simultaneously from multiple cameras fitted to lorries, vans and commercial vehicles.

It records information, such as vehicle location, speed, impact force and driving style, on a UK-secured system with full GDPR compliance, giving companies the opportunity to monitor fleet/driver behaviour and support training to help prevent accidents.

“This new development has been 24-months in the making and brings together all of the lessons we’ve learned from our existing platform to give transport firms an optimised solution for managing their fleets,” explained Pete Spillard, Managing Director at Spillard Safety Systems.

Most of our rivals use a Chinese-developed platform and white label it…that has been ok up until now. However, we wanted to have complete control over the system, its capabilities and the data, so made the sizable investment to create Spillard Live.

He continued: “This means we have the opportunity to continually add new features to the system and, importantly, customers can have complete faith in the security of the information being generated.”

Hundreds of vehicles have already been migrated over to the new Spillard Live platform and initial feedback has been extremely positive.

Each vehicle is essentially fitted with its own server and has more than 260 hours of continuous recording time. The fleet operator can access the footage in real time, which has already proven extremely important when proving responsibility in accidents.

Companies are also using the data – including analysis of braking and acceleration – to help identify training required by drivers, so they can reduce accidents and improve the efficiency of their fleet.

Pete went on to add: “We are now in the process of moving all 10,000 vehicles over to the new platform, with the long-term target of having 20,000 users in place by the end of 2021. It’s ambitious, but judging by our pipeline of orders, it is very achievable.

The technology is being used by companies with a few vehicles right up to those with hundreds, including major transport companies such as DHL, Lomas Distribution and A.F. Blakemore (SPAR).

In addition to the live footage, Spillard Live also offers prompts alerts, vehicle radar system, route history, vehicle tracking and smart maintenance.

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