Speedings set to make thousands of gowns for key workers

Updated on Thursday 30 April 2020, 11:06 AM

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Established in 1827 to make sails for ships built on the Wear, Speeding’s is changing production methods at its facility in Leechmere to make thousands of items of clothing for key workers on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Leechmere based company will now aim to produce 700 items of clothing per day with the possibility of increasing to 1700 per day with a second shift.

Speedings Managing Director, Rob Hammal,  thanked the companies dedicated  workers for their efforts in making the production happen.

Rob said: “As an existing supplier to the NHS, we were keen to support as best as possible, so when the call came in for gowns, we wanted to do all we could to get them into production as quickly as possible.

We took our first delivery of fabric this week and will be producing hundreds of items a day to support the NHS. It’s a time when everyone needs to come together and do what they can, so we are glad to be able to help.

I’m really grateful to the team who are stepping up to the plate to get these into production as quickly as possible, so that our incredible NHS has the supplies it needs, and also to our existing customers, many of whom have agreed to take smaller quantities of their items or put back their orders to allow us to fulfil this urgent order.

Speeding’s is no stranger to working with the NHS and other emergency services as they have contracts for producing response bags for use by paramedics and firefighters within the UK.

Speeding’s answered a call from the NHS to provide additional kit, and is making the items at cost-price to support the fight against the virus.

The creation of the gowns will run alongside the company’s usual production line, which also includes orders for major brands.

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