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Updated on Monday 17 May 2021, 4:10 PM

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Würth UK wants to offer the best service to our customers. In addition to providing high quality products and components, this means making it as convenient as possible for our customers to do business. Customers must be able to shop with us how and when suits them best.

Würth UK offers customers numerous ways to find the right tool for the job or the missing piece to a puzzling build, and to make purchasing and managing an account as simple as possible. Read on to learn about how our sales channels support our customers in their endeavours.

Trade stores

Our network of trade counters and walk-in shops is constantly growing, with an additional 5 stores having opened in the past year alone. We aim to grow our network of trade stores to make visiting a Würth branch as convenient as possible for all our customers in the UK.

In-store features include a large selection of products from across our range including hand tools, components, chemicals and PPE, Click and Collect service and 24/7 collection points, plus a coffee dock for hard-working tradespeople to refuel. In addition to professionals and Würth customers, members of the public and DIY enthusiasts may shop in-store without an account, and are welcome to ask our friendly members of staff for advice and product recommendations.

Customers can use our Store Finder to locate their nearest Würth UK branch, and get contact details and directions directly to our door.

Sales consultant

The core of our business is comprised of our network of sales consultants who support all industries across the UK. Operating within their territory, each sales consultant supports customers of a given division (automotive, woodworking, etc.) to the best of their ability, while always aiming to extend their services to new customers.

For sole traders, SMEs as well as large industrial companies and manufacturing firms, our sales consultants are committed to getting the best value for their customers. Sales consultants are delighted to offers solutions for our customers’ needs, and can be contacted during business hours for recommendations on products, or a visit can be arranged on a regular basis.

Contact our Customer Services department to enquire about contacting a sales consultant in your area.

e-Shop and e-Business services

Set up an online account to access our e-Shop and e-Business supports and do business on your own terms. Customers can completely manage their online account including saving shopping carts, scheduling orders to regularly re-occur, adding new users to your account, setting up approval procedures for orders by department, and much more.

An e-Shop account enables complete control of account settings and documents, allowing users to quickly and easily change business contact details, track deliveries and download delivery notes, invoices and safety data sheets for all of our products.

With an e-Business account, customers can shop 24 hours a day using our website or the Würth App, and can establish e-Business connections between an in-house purchasing system and our e-Shop. Invoicing, payments and subscription orders can be completely automated to minimise human error, reclaim time spent on repetitive clerical duties and reduce associated costs.

Würth is prepared to support you in any way that suits your business best. We are happy to satisfy your questions about products and services while you work, or you can shop with us at your convenience, in person or online.

Use a combination of contact points to do business with greater flexibility. Sign up online and collect your orders in store, coordinate with a local area sales consultant at a branch, place orders with our telesales department – we have a multitude of sales channels to make the most of your time.

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