Quality and Right First Time

Updated on Tuesday 8 June 2021, 10:54 AM

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Common Issues

  • Low control of final product.
  • Poor perceived quality.
  • Empirical and uncontrolled process changes during Launch.
  • Poor FTT and high rework plus damage induced during rework.
  • Low detection of issues.

Common Causes

  • Quality targets not achieved in standard process and defined to late.
  • Targets not supported by styling cues.
  • Not checked against system capability.
  • Left to manufacturing to correct.


Live Quality management

Quality targets define the process with live tools (FMEA, Control plans, Characteristics)

FMEA as a reference documentation, based on data collection, history and regulations.

CC/SC and action plans to lead suppliers. Control plans to collect data and apply quality solutions

GD&T capability authority

Dimensional quality manages the convergence of Style and Technique across Engineering activity

From Design to Industrialisation: figures gap & flush, ensures adequate perceived quality and geometric functions (ISO).

Supports the definition and transfer of geometrical plans, leading of suppliers

Offers quantitative data to measure and reduce rework, to assess final product quality

Cross-discipline activity: Styling, Product (body ext, cabin), Process (BIW, T&F)

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