Protool Plastics Group Confirm ZERO Polypropylene Scrap

Updated on Thursday 27 May 2021, 9:41 AM

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Polypropylene recycling has helped win major new consumer product contract in further product diversification for the Fareham & Manchester based injection moulding group.

The Protool Plastics Group has invested heavily in recycling equipment and contamination free storage systems to produce high quality recycled polypropylene for use on consumer and industrial products.

The operations teams in Fareham and Manchester can now confirm that all post processed material and reject parts are granulated and reused onsite meaning that no polypropylene is sent to landfill.

Initially aimed at cost saving and environmental protection for our existing customers The Protool Plastics Group have expanded this to enable the reshoring of consumer products traditionally made in low-cost countries with the cost reduction and environmental advantage a major selling point for new customers.

Group Managing Director Michael Hadfield stated “We were approached by a local Manchester entrepreneur who had imported plastic consumer products into the UK from China for many years and due to Covid 19 and Brexit was struggling with supply, rising costs and protracted delivery times. Using our significant experience of polymer engineering we were able to design alternative components to make use of our own polypropylene feedstock supplemented by high quality recycled and post-industrial feedstocks from around the UK which allowed the customer to compete directly with prices and slash delivery times from China.”

The polymer feedstock is available in natural for masterbatch mixing across the colour spectrum, including white and pastel shades, with lower cost material in black.

Michael Hadfield continued “Tooling was made in the UK and ready for production 8 weeks after the design concepts were signed off. Not only does it offer a cost reduction on virgin polymer it also adds to the recycled component approach that is rightly at the forefront of product designer’s minds across the globe. The Protool Plastics Group continues to focus on recycled materials wherever possible and will be adding other polymers to our recycled portfolio in the coming months.”

Current recycled grades offered by The Protool Plastics Group are Polycarbonate (white and black) & Polypropylene (natural and black).

The benefits of the Circular Economy approach are numerous and include:

  • Waste reduction.
  • Greater resource productivity reducing the need for virgin feedstock.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of our product consumption.

The Protool Plastics Group (Fareham & Manchester) are ready to take your injection moulding enquiries now.

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