Pride at ITW launches

Updated on Monday 3 August 2020, 11:13 AM

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This month saw the launch of a new employee resource group, Pride at ITW.

The group is focused on empowering LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies by building a sense of belonging and engagement whilst promoting shared respect and understanding of issues that affect the LGTBQ+ community.

Mike Zimmerman, Executive Vice President of the Polymers & Fluids segment, will serve as the executive sponsor. Taylor Atkins and Ryan Wise will be the ERG’s founding chapter leaders. Recognising the important role that allies play in the LGBTQ+ community, Rosemary Matzl will act as the group’s ally leader.

ITW employee resource groups provide opportunities for people at all levels in the business to engage. They’re employee-led, and bring together diverse groups of people to share experiences and take part in professional development workshops to help build a community of future leaders.

Pride at ITW is an important next step on our diversity and inclusion journey. There is more information available at Pride at ITW’s SharePoint site, and if you have any questions about the group or how to join, email

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