Oyster Yachts continues its recruitment drive

Updated on Wednesday 9 December 2020, 10:49 AM

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Oyster Yachts is continuing to seek additional workforce at its Southampton headquarters and its Norfolk manufacturing centre in Wroxham.

During the summer and autumn, the luxury boat builder has seen increased demand across the whole of its range and is looking for a wide range of applicants to join its yacht production teams.

“We have cast our search wide to attract experts beyond traditional boat building, specifically, individuals with transferable skills; trades including electricians and joiners. We are looking for a variety expert tradesmen and women such as joiners, electricians, laminators, painters and engineers, as well as experienced boat builders,” comments Mujgan Trowbridge, Head of HR for Oyster Yachts.

Oyster has a full order book for its hand-crafted blue water sailing boats, which range from 50 to 125 feet. The company has just launched its new 50-foot model and initial interest is set to increase demand on production in the New Year.

“We have some great opportunities for people to come and join us. Perhaps people might be thinking about transferring their skill set to work in a different industry or consider the boat building sector. Whether experienced or just starting out, we are looking to support and encourage people to consider a career in building the finest sailing yachts in the world. We also offer an apprenticeship programme, which guarantees individuals a career in this unique industry, not to mention learning time-honoured craftsmanship skills.”

Oyster Yachts offers full training and competitive packages. The site at Wroxham is looking to increase its headcount to 126 tradespeople, and Southampton requiring 130 tradespeople by the late Spring.

“Over the last year, we have seen a period of unprecedented growth, which despite the economic challenges the UK is facing, is encouraging. With full order books into 2023, we are able to offer our staff much needed financial stability and good career opportunities. It is an exciting time for Oyster Yachts, and we look forward to sharing the journey with all our employees, new and existing,” concludes Becky Bridgen, Deputy CEO Oyster Yachts.

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