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Updated on Tuesday 11 May 2021, 12:46 PM

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Productivity can be greatly affected by how supplies are stored within a workplace. Proper storage practices include organising equipment so that it is safely stored while remaining accessible to support tasks and activities without delay. All necessary equipment must remain nearby for when needed, with insufficient stock or inefficient storage costing valuable time and man hours.

ORSY® (Organised System) is Würth’s brand for storage solutions. From organisation and arrangement of components on the shelf, to digitising the ordering process, to tracking consumption and automating reordering- all can be achieved with ORSY®.

ORSY® Racking

ORSY® Racking is our modular shelving system for all components, from small c-parts such as nuts and bolts to larger tools including abrasives and chemicals. Our numerous racking modules are all designed for a specific purpose, and can be combined in any fashion.

With ORSY® Racking, you know where the products you’ve ordered are going to fit in before they even arrive. You will save time packing shelves and taking stock for reorder with the systematic approach to shelving offered by ORSY®.

All racking installations are completely customisable. Arrange a consultation with our team to get the perfect storage system for all your Würth products, tailored to your needs.

ORSY® Scan

Revolutionise your stocktaking with our barcode scanning tool. When a barcode is scanned, product data is captured by the device and instantly uploaded to your e-Shop shopping basket when connected to a computer, allowing you to swiftly check out in just a few clicks.

ORSY® Scan is designed to complement ORSY® Racking storage systems. Racking can be enhanced with barcode stickers to allow you to build your shopping list as you take stock of depleted items with the scanner.

You can also use the Scanner in conjunction with a Würth Barcode Catalogue to save time in the purchasing department. Use a Barcode Catalogue to quickly browse products and scan them from the convenience of your office rather than visiting the storeroom if it is inconvenient or unsafe to do so.

Barcode Catalogues can be created from order templates within your Würth e-Shop account menu. Barcode labels are also compatible with the scanner feature of the Würth App for iOS and Android.


ORSYmat® is our product vending and electronic stock monitoring solution. Ideal for factories and workshops, products are loaded into our custom vending machine, allowing staff to get consumable products or borrow equipment without the oversight of an stockist or warehouse department.

Unique ID numbers can be assigned to staff to track consumption of products and account for equipment when on loan. Tool vending machines are internet-enabled, allowing them to monitor stock consumption and automatically reorder depleted products.

ORSYmat® units are available in numerous styles including rotating drum vending machines, spiral drop vending machines and flap-door units. Vending machines can be filled with a variety of products including small PPE items such as hearing protection and protective gloves, to larger items including hard hats and electric power tools.

Take control of your stock system and optimise your workflow with the ORSY® range of storage solutions. Visit our ORSY® homepage to learn more.

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