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Updated on Monday 17 August 2020, 11:30 AM

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O&H Vehicle Technology has proudly received a positive recommendation for certification to ISO14001:2015 by the British Standards Institution (BSI) as part of a continued surge in continual progression and improvement.

The accreditation is quickly becoming mandatory for suppliers to public sector organisations as part of UK Government’s ever increasing desire to ensure maximum environmental sustainability.

O&H Vehicle Technology quality manager, Stephen Curley, commented,

After months of preparation, adjustment and improvement in all aspects of our manufacturing processes, we are absolutely delighted to have been recommended for certification for ISO14001. Since activation of O&H 2.0, we have strived to entwine a rigid environmental agenda in line with our ever improving production line.

Managing Director, Oliver North, added, “Our sole ambition is to become the most sustainable, high quality ambulance manufacturer in the UK. Our investment into ensuring compliance to ISO14001 places our ambition under the spotlight. In a modern world, this standard should be a minimum requirement for any public sector supplier – as we’re all aware – and so achieving this was among the first items on my agenda when I took over in January 2019.

“With a sound environmental agenda at our core, we can continue through our imminent phase of growth knowing that we are doing so as ethically as possible.”

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