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MSC offered customers £1.2million worth of savings in 2019, by transforming the way they operate.

Updated on Monday 15 June 2020, 2:44 PM

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The savings are made possible by our application engineering experts who get truly involved in their customers’ businesses and conduct in-depth analysis of manufacturing processes and objectives so they can recommend the most efficient production strategies. Rather than just sell replacement tooling products, our engineers benchmark the entire production process, including hourly targets against tooling costs, in order to propose ways to drive efficiency, optimise performance and deliver greater profitability.

Cost-saving recommendations can include swapping out tooling, adjusting feeds and speeds, modifying tolerances, reducing the number of steps in a process, optimising machining strategies, consolidating tooling and proposing entirely different approaches and techniques that address new manufacturing challenges.

Mathew Kavanagh, head of engineering at MSC, said: “What differentiates MSC is our unrivalled engineering expertise and the fact that we place the customer at the centre of everything we do. This means we are able to help them identify efficiency gains by improving processes and reducing costs, so their output and profitability are maximised.

“We don’t simply sell tool for tool because focusing on tool cost alone does not deliver a significant reduction on the overall cost of machining a product. To reduce the machining time and cost, the entire machining process and components must be measured and understood.

“We become a strategic partner to our customers and offer a truly complete solution which begins with fully understanding the brief so that we are able to recommend where the most significant hard and soft cost savings can be made.”

In addition to first-class engineering and technical support and cost-saving solutions, our customers benefit from world-class customer service, an unrivalled product range from industry-leading brands and next-day delivery as standard. We also offer advanced inventory management solutions that deliver visibility, flexibility and control.

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