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Manchester-based manufacturing startup wins award for Best Use of Technology

Wednesday 25 September 2019, 4:08 PM

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The British Chamber of Commerce, which has 75,000 members, is selecting the best businesses for the 16th time this year. Businesses driving the economic growth are given awards in 9 categories, including Family Business, Workplace Wellbeing and Best Use of Technology.

Fractory, an online manufacturing company, was selected as the North West regional winner in the Best Use of Technology category.

The prize was awarded for the implementation of technology in providing instant pricing and lead times for manufacturing.

Solving the Problem of Wasted Time

Fractory is solving the problem regarding wasted hours for engineers. Manufacturing quotes usually require back-and-forth emailing and the waiting times can be up to a few days.

Fractory’s platform, on the other hand, provides quotes in seconds. People only have to upload their drawings or CAD models for that. The option to quote CAD models also increases time saved by losing the need for making drawings altogether.

Having over 30 partnering manufacturers from several countries in Europe, Fractory takes full responsibility for manufacturing quality and delivery.

Although the Best Use of Tech category included entrants from very different fields, the jury chose the manufacturing sector startup as their winner.

Next Round of Competition

The first round was for selecting regional winners in every category. The competition will now continue nationally where all of the winners are pitted against each other.

Fractory will compete agains other regional awardees like Nitec Solutions, Network Telecom and Generate UK. Those companies represent different fields – from cloud computing to digital marketing solutions.

The national winners will be declared in November.

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