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Robot Machining

Updated on Tuesday 5 October 2021, 12:09 PM

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Robot Machining


The Challenge

Robots typically rely on their repeatability to perform automated operations but there are some tasks where inherent accuracy is just as important. One example of this is robot machining operations, particularly so if one off products are being produced. There are many factors that influence the accuracy of automation such as the position of the joints, end effector loads, dynamic loads, environmental effects, wear and tear on the robot etc. The challenge is that many of these influences vary over time and result in a variation of performance.

In one example we recently reviewed the customer was having to apply a lengthy, iterative process involving machining, measuring, re-programming, re-machining (sometimes several times) to achieve the correct result. This increased the recurring cost of the process threefold consuming both unnecessary machine time and labour.

How can IONA help?

In this scenario, IONA can be used as a two-pronged approach to reduce the cost of production and improve quality. Firstly, a dry run of the operation can be performed prior to cutting material. Capturing data using IONA can be used to validate the performance prior to the critical machining operation. At this stage our Teach module can be used to make corrections to the robot program. Secondly, IONA can continue to capture data during machining. This can be used to better quantify the differences between the intention of the program and the end result. When running in Control mode, iterative corrections to the robot program can be made during the process itself further enhancing the performance and efficiency of the process.

IONA System Outcomes

The benefit of this approach is to provide confidence that the process is correct prior to cutting material and if necessary adapt the program in-process to ensure a correct result. This saves significant resource time, both operator and machine, freeing capacity for additional tasks. It also reduces the risk of producing scrap parts which can be extremely costly if errors cannot be re-worked.
This approach also enables a more flexible solution, facilitating one-off or smaller batch runs of production allowing faster new product introduction or greater customisation of products.

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