Rhopoint Instruments enhances product quality by 35% and reduces customer returns by 70% with NoMuda VisualFactory

Updated on Wednesday 21 July 2021, 11:53 AM

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Rhopoint Instruments, manufacturers of test instruments for the inspection of surfaces, have optimised their quality measures with the help of NoMuda VisualFactory. 

Managing Director, Tony Burrows reached out to NoMuda VisualFactory as he realised that shop floor performance was falling short of his expectations. Their previous production process that used traditional batch building methods, complimented by paper and PDF work instructions was preventing them from achieving their full potential. 

After comparing a variety of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) providers, including some of the larger software companies, they found NoMuda VisualFactory to be the fastest, leanest and most flexible. VisualFactory can now be found in production on 80% of Rhopoint products.  

Tony has really noticed a difference in the way his team works,

VisualFactory has been really useful for us and has allowed us to improve productivity and grow without expanding our workforce.

Each Workstation is equipped with a vScreen, displaying digital work instructions that provides the operators with visuals to identify the tools and bin location. 

“We can now record check points across the entire operation, which has forced us to look at our products and build in a better way. Following our lean transformation, an instrument that used to travel 1850m through the production process now travels just 26m.” 

“Staff morale has also increased, as the operators themselves are much happier that the move from PDF to vScreens has made their job easier, with clearer instructions on what tools they need to be using and when.”  

Rhopoint’s initial motivation was to improve productivity, but one of the biggest improvements has been to quality assurance. Product quality is up 35%. Customers are visibly happier with their products, as returns are down 70% due to a fall in their Annual Instrument Failure Rate (AFR). 

“External audits are now much easier given the level of traceability we have with VisualFactory.” 

 In the future, Rhopoint plans to roll out NoMuda VisualFactory across all Workstations on the shop floor and with any new products. Tony wants to squeeze productivity and quality even further by digging deeper into statistics in areas such as production issues and tac time to make continuous improvements. 

To learn more about NoMuda VisualFactory visit www.NoMuda.com  

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