Great British Manufacturing Podcast launched

Updated on Wednesday 7 April 2021, 12:34 PM

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The Great British Manufacturing Podcast has been launched to help promote the UK’s manufacturing sector and to ensure the sector is at the vanguard of the nation’s post-pandemic economic recovery.

Listen to Great British Manufacturing Podcast – Episode One

Co-developed and co-hosted by MTD and Jefferson, two of the most trusted media organisations in the sector, the new weekly podcast features industry news, analysis, special guests and features.

Jefferson and MTD have worked together for many years and formed a strategic partnership last year to offer the British manufacturing sector an unrivalled menu of online and offline marketing services. More than a third of a million people and companies follow their social media accounts.

“Most of the team at MTD are from industry and we know first-hand the challenges firms are facing at this time”, says Joe Reynolds, Director of MTD. “Over the past decade, we have worked with hundreds of engineering and manufacturing companies and felt compelled to do whatever we could to assist them at this most critical time for British industry.”

MTD and Jefferson recently launched the FactoryNOW initiative to help manufacturers collaborate, boost sales and reshore.

“FactoryNOW has been developed with manufacturers, for manufacturers” explains Stuart Whitehead, founder of the leading social media platform Jefferson. “In addition to this platform, together with MTD, we broadcast regular TV shows such as SMEFocus and FactoryTALK. We have been asked by the manufacturing community to produce a weekly podcast for quite a while and we are delighted to launch this new show.”

The podcast is available from Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and the new MTDMFG app.

Will Watson, Digital Marketing Manager at MTD, elaborates:

“MTD has produced podcasts for several years; both our own and shows for our clients. The MTD Podcast, our weekly engineering show, has released over 100 episodes and sees thousands of downloads per week. We’ll soon be releasing episodes multiple times per week due to increased demand.

Podcasts continue to be a major area of growth for B2B digital marketing; 76% of listeners listen to more than 7 hours per week of podcast content, are more likely to be active on social media across channels and are more likely to follow companies and brands.

The appeal of opting-in to mostly-free content that you want to hear and the added convenience of listening whilst doing any number of tasks is what makes podcasts so popular; imagine on your daily commute, turning on the radio hearing exactly what you want to hear.”

Great British Manufacturing Podcast – Episode One is available to listen to now

If you would like to contribute to the podcast, give feedback, make suggestions, or be a guest on a future episode, please contact the team:

For further details about FactoryNOW, view member’s profiles and join the initiative please visit:

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