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Elements Technology offers free software to help UK’s manufacturing sector

Wednesday 5 August 2020, 10:38 AM

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Sheffield-based Elements Technology, the award-winning software company, is helping the UK’s manufacturing sector recover from the pandemic by offering its Elements Docket for free.

Elements Docket is a simple software solution that helps manufacturers to be more productive by providing teams across the company with a live view of production. It combines order tracking (using an android app and contactless technology), production management, and quality control capture into one simple-to-use software package. It can be used either as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated enhancement to your existing ERP. With no technology to install or integrate, it can be fully implemented across a factory in less than a day.

“We all know that 2020 has been an extremely challenging year for industry”, said Dr. Joe Handsaker, CEO and Founder Elements Technology. “Many manufacturers are coping with reduced demand while continually having to adjust to alien working environments, making it particularly hard to remain productive and profitable. Many firms that had planned to invest in R&D projects have seen budgets reduced and innovation programmes postponed or even cancelled., ironically making it even more difficult to thrive in a post-pandemic world.”

Elements Technology has been very charitable since the start of the pandemic. The firm teamed up with Starling Solutions to offer their services on a pro bono basis to manufacturers involved in the response, including those making PPE, vaccinations and test kits.

It’s the right time to support the wider manufacturing industry, explains Joe Hardsaker, “from August, all manufacturers in the UK will be able to use our multi-award winning software, Elements Docket, without charge, for the remainder of the year. By doing ss, we believe we can help the vital sector adapt to the new and changing working conditions, recover quickly and ultimately expand.”

Elements Docket allowed Carpenter Additive to employ more flexible workforce arrangements without affecting production.

“Elements Docket enabled us to keep working with minimal disruption throughout lockdown”, explains Nick Weeks, General Manager of Carpenter Additive. “Using Docket, our production has been planned off-site, performed at our factory in Widnes, and has been instantly visible to sales and customer service teams working from home, who have then been able to provide up-to-date order information to our customers in the UK and beyond.”

Manufacturers that are interested in taking advantage of this offer should go to and follow the prompts to sign up to the free trial.

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