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Updated on Friday 9 October 2020, 10:27 AM

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What’s most important to you when choosing the perfect high-speed door; reliability, opening speed, build quality, value for money, after sales support, proven track record within the warehouse and logistics industry? EFAFLEX have you covered!

EFAFLEX, global leaders in high-speed door technology with their near half a century heritage will, once again, be exhibiting at next year’s Foodex.

Darren Turrell, Managing Director for the UK helps explain why, ‘Foodex is a great show for EFAFLEX. The visitors, other exhibitors, the quality of the speakers and seminars are a perfect match for our product range. This year we will be showcasing the latest Material, Transport and Logistics doors (MTL) which has been designed specifically with the logistics and distribution industry in mind. As with all our 90 plus doors, they have a bespoke application in mind, but all help to significantly improve process efficiencies because of their speed of opening.’

The MTL high-speed door offers a combination of speed, (opening at 1.5 metres per second), durability (capable of up to 250,000 operating cycles per year), and optimum size (designed with confined spaces in mind). This newly developed door has been launched with intensive logistics processes in mind and ideal for commercial and industrial use in closed areas that aren’t exposed to wind or weather conditions.

The EFA-SRT® MTL has a variety of configurations that can be adapted depending on the requirements of the user. It can be used as an access obstacle (FTO), where people are restricted to access the area, and only permissible for instructed operating personnel after the entire systems has been switched off for example to complete a service work or inspection.

Alternatively, it can be configured as access prevention (FTM) denying access to the area and in which case the MTL model is equipped with conventional protection systems for the door closing line.

MTL is offered with a range of drive types including shaft-mounted or under mounted. Darren Turrell continued, ‘Foodex gives us the ideal opportunity to show the sheer speed of our doors with a selection on demonstration. They never fail to impress both visitors and other exhibitors. The build quality is exceptional, and the trade fair gives us that chance to really show the many reasons why the EFAFLEX brand has become the global leader in high-speed doors. We are the only company worldwide that specialises in the design and manufacture of high-speed doors. With that comes not just unrivalled door opening speeds and yes, we do manufacture the world’s fastest vertically opening door, but a heritage of knowledge and experience that is quite literally being passed down through the generations.’

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