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The government states that manufacturing plays an important role in the economy and can continue in accordance with social distancing guidelines.

When entering and leaving, you should ensure your workforce stays 2 metres apart as much as possible.

Our products will help your workforce know what being 2m apart looks like and help improve the layouts of factories and workplaces adapting to a new way of working.

You can now prepare your business for a return to work, following the government’s advice on safe distancing protocols. With these three products from ROCOL® you can adapt your workplace with ease.

Our EASYLINE® EDGE line marking system, SAFE STEP® tapes and TEMPORARY™ fusion spot marking paint will make marking out safe zones a simple task that you can do yourself, quickly and effectively.

Permanent solution

EASYLINE® EDGE line marking system

The EASYLINE EDGE line marking system is a quick and cost effective solution to mark out new permanent walkways and areas within your business.

Not only can you mark out lines quickly but it is essentially a DIY piece of kit. There is no need to bring in external contractors and therefore minimising the amount of people that your workforce
would come into close contact with.

Temporary solutions

TEMPORARY™ fusion paint

TEMPORARY fusion spot marking paints are a quick and cost effective solution to mark out new temporary areas on a variety of surfaces.

You can mark out lines and quickly have people walking in the same area due to the fast drying time. Plus, if you need to remove or remark the lines in a different way, you can simple wash the paint away with water and a stiff brush.

SAFE STEP® tapes

Our range of SAFE STEP tapes are quick and cost effective solutions to mark out any temporary indoor areas as part of your new social distancing measures.

They can be used to mark out correct spacing in brew rooms/offices, 2m distances in workshops or even shopping isles at the local DIY shop/supermarket.

As well as clearly marking out areas, our SAFE STEP tape is an anti-slip product so safer than standard tape. Especially in areas where there is a lot of movement from outdoors to indoors.

For more information about ROCOL and its products, contact customer.services@rocol.com or phone +44 (0) 113 232 2700.

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