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CloudNC continue expansion with investment in new machine tools

Updated on Thursday 3 June 2021, 2:03 PM

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Autonomous manufacturing powerhouse CloudNC is continuing to expand and enhance the capacity of their CNC facility with new machines from their manufacturing equipment partner DMG Mori. New machines have been added to provide the additional capacity needed for the growing number of companies putting their trust in CloudNC to produce their CNC parts efficiently, effectively, and economically. Additional automation is also being added to ensure the facility continues its journey towards autonomy.

Like the machines, the partnership that CloudNC enjoys with DMG Mori is tried and tested. For years DMG Mori has been the equipment provider of choice as CloudNC continue their journey towards the autonomous factories where production management and machine programming are entirely computer managed.

CloudNC co-founder and CEO, Theo Saville explains, we are pursuing our vision of an autonomous CNC facility that can be expanded and copied to create an autonomous manufacturing ecosystem. To do this we need the very best equipment delivered and installed by a partner that understands our vision and our passion to provide the best quality, efficiency and performance. We have that in DMG Mori and this is testament to our commitment to expand to meet growing demand using their market leading machines.

As well as the two new machines, CloudNC has added automation options and is further enhancing their facility with six figure investments in temperature and air quality control as well as a power upgrade to five times the current power capacity at the site. that will support even more machines before the end of 2021. The DMU95 five axis machining centre and a NLX multi axis turning centre model machines were selected for the 950mm enhanced envelope size of the DMU95 and the versatility of the NLX series.

Steve Finn, Managing Director of DMG Mori UK, added, “we are delighted to be supporting the amazing work that CloudNC are doing and their vision for the CNC facility of the future. As their machine partner we share their passion for technology and for the advancement of the manufacturing sector through automation and autonomy. We look forward to continuing to help build what is shaping up to be the most advanced CNC factory anywhere.”

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