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Bread packaging company invests to bring work back to UK

Saturday 9 May 2020, 7:27 AM

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Based in the North of England, bag sealing experts We Seal, is investing more than £1.1m to re-shore production to its Yorkshire based facility.

We Seal, is a designer and manufacturer of  bag sealing tape and machines used on approximately 95% of the UK’s bread bags . The recent investment will allow the Leeds-based company to increase production capabilities to handle the growth in which they have experienced in the last few years which includes exports increasing from £1m to £6m in a four year period.

The change also increases We Seals green credentials substantially as importing products from Europe can be bad for the environment.

With over 15 million loaves produced in the UK each day, they all require sealing tap to remain fresh. This is where We Seal comes in by suppling all the major companies taps and machines.

The £1.1m investment which concluding in May 2020 will pay for new machinery to bring in all manufacturing technologies in-house for the first time allowing the company to reach their goal of dealing with the increased demand which has increased further due to the Coronavirus.

Richard Hobson, chief executive at We Seal, said: “We Seal’s small but mighty tape seals help make food and bread bag sealing and labelling clearer, safer, easier to use and more sustainable for millions of consumers.

“Demand for our products has increased over the last few years as bread producers increasingly understand our tape offers the most sustainable solution to seal bread bags.

“It’s the only 100% recyclable bread bag seal available to customers and is also resealable, which helps keep bread fresher for longer and reduces food waste.

“Our recent investment enables us to accommodate this growth and ensure that we are ready for future expansion, while also increasing the sustainability that is so important to us.”

We Seal was known as Select Bag Sealers (SBS) who were a former acquisition that manufactured different parts of the sealing process until a re-brand in January 2020 and this move coupled with the recent investment will help the company set its sights on the £1bn global bag enclosure market.



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