Bauromat Restores Customers’ Faith in Automation

tig welding robot
robotic welding machine
Monday 8 March 2021, 2:59 PM

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Telford based robotics solution provider Bauromat UK Limited has recently delivered and installed a robotic TIG welding solution for Mec-Com after the fabrication company was left in the dark by a inexperienced systems integrator.

The successful installation follows a lengthy process for the customer which resulted in undelivered targets, increasing costs and ultimately, a system that was entirely ineffective.

“We were new to the field of automation; we went through our normal procedure [to select a supplier] but we were not experienced enough to do a proper initial assessment, that’s the truth.” says Mec-Com Managing Director, Richard Bunce.

“We are thinking integration is integration we go to them and they promised big. We go into this degree of automation and we are trusting the so-called experts, but the truth is they were not trust-worthy, and they were not experts.”

After almost 2-years, and with the previous system no closer to welding, Richard and the team at Mec-Com made the eventual decision to bring Bauromat, an automation provider with expertise in the welding industry, onboard to finish the project.

Bauromat produced a full report for Mec-Com detailing the issues with the first system and despite attempts to see it through to completion, an entire new system had to built from scratch, ensuring not only that everything from a safety point of view complied with the latest legislation, but also the system could do what Mec-Com had set out for it to achieve – weld.

robotic welding machine

The complete system was signed off by Mec-Com late in 2020 and is primed in Mec-Com’s Staffordshire factory, with full production having commenced earlier this year.

We’re delighted we’ve found a partner that can walk us through future projects and integration. The next thing we need to automate, we’ll speak to Bauromat.”

“We now have a solution and robotics is a field we can get involved in. The concept wasn’t wrong, we just picked a bad partner.” adds Bunce

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