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Hosted on, this is an entirely new concept in terms of attending an exhibition; Made In Yorkshire are creating a virtual expo with a tactile aspect. Made In Yorkshire will illustrate the entire exhibition hall with booths, interactive seminar room and networking areas on the web. The expo site will be visually inspiring with a high level of thought placed on the user interface, being intuitive and not overly complicated.

Made In Yorkshire are aiming for 5,000 delegates; these visitors will get a unique experience with an exhibition online and in their postbox.

Digital delegates will get a physical goody box which will contain the following :

  • 100 page Backing Britain 2020 book
  • Large printed poster of the exhibition hall
  • A Backing Britain lanyard and social posters
  • Various other goodies

There can be no doubt that 2020 will be a significant time in history. One hundred years from now, people will talk about this year. People will not only talk about the virus, but they will talk about the people, communities and businesses. Made In Yorkshire want to share some of those stories from business, create a catalogue of ‘manufacturing heroes’, including stories of innovation, community support and resilience.

Made In Yorkshire want to include as many stories as possible from members, and they also want to recognise their members. This `Backing Britain’ book will be their bible; it will be an opportunity to show the world and broader business community, the British spirit and showcase some of their amazing companies.

So, if you’re looking for an immersive online exhibition showcasing British manufacturing resilience through interactive content and goody box through your post, why not join ROCOL and register for the event!

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