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AESSEAL completes £1.4 million test house refurbishment

Monday 25 November 2019, 2:23 PM

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AESSEAL has reopened its mechanical seal Test House following an upgrade totalling more than £1.4 million.

The test centre, where the company’s mechanical seals and compressor dry gas seals are produced and put through trials, has undergone a major refurbishment over the past two years.

The entire test house building and offices have been reorganised and refurbished to allow for expansion of gas seals manufacture, with the first high-speed dry gas test rig arriving in 2017.

This final phase has seen AESSEAL invest £800,000 in another five test rigs, with a sixth due to arrive in 2020. These will aim to ensure the testing process is more efficient and accurate.

AESSEAL Test House manager Michael Rich says: “The investment in the test centre over the past two years ensures we can maintain our award-winning customer service well into the future.

“All our test rigs can be run on an automated basis, leaving operators more time to focus on preparation and post-test analysis. They are also user-friendly, which means new test technicians can be trained quickly, adding another efficiency to this rapidly expanding area of our business.”

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