ABOUT Total Control Pro

TotalControlPro® is an affordable, accessible & available production tracking system utilising cloud technology that puts you in control of your production facility, providing real time visibility to your entire enterprise increasing the profitability & productivity of your organisation. TotalControlPro® also provides advanced planning capabilities to improve your demand forecasting, inventory planning and production planning processes.


TotalControlPro® Manufacturing Platform turns obstacles into drivers for your digital expansion.

Capture the Data That Builds Your Business

Our advanced, easy to use cloud-based system allows you to track all elements of the manufacturing process to improve efficiency and productivity.

Smarter Manufacturing for the Industry

Smarter Manufacturing puts people back in the centre of the manufacturing process, and empowers shop floor operations and data to drive Smarter decision making in all aspects of the manufacturing process.

Total Control Pro is a proud member of the FactoryNOW initiative, find out more.