ABOUT NoMuda VisualFactory

NoMuda VisualFactory Lean Manufacturing Software eliminates manufacturing errors, drives shop floor productivity by 20% and increases quality by 35%. Adherence to the optimal process ensures that production is always right-first-time, allowing you to build quality into customer configured products from the offset. Gain control of your shop floor with access to a wealth of real-time data that gives you the tools to track and trace your process and make continuous improvements. This level of transparency takes the stress out of audits, as you gain access to the evidence you need at the click of a button. Building on digital work instructions, VisualFactory gives you the flexibility to take on the features and functionality that you need to transform your shop floor. This includes integration with your ERP system, tools and equipment; production issues identification and resolution; and the ability to get on top of rework and manufacturing change. VisualFactory is easily scalable to suit your requirements and can revolutionise how you do maintenance, repair and overhaul, skills management and much more. Our VisualFactory software has decades of use within some of the world’s largest manufacturing facilities, across a wide range of industries. Visit www.NoMuda.com to realise the benefits in a live demonstration.

NoMuda VisualFactory is a proud member of the FactoryNOW initiative, find out more.