INSPHERE is an innovative technology company focusing on the development and implementation of metrology and data capture systems into high-value manufacturing processes. Working across a range of industries, including Energy, Automotive and Aerospace, the company creates solutions that enable measurement data to be used to drive and improve manufacturing processes, enabling a step change in process flexibility, efficiency and productivity. At the beginning of the year, INSPHERE Ltd announced a flagship new product that will create a step-change in the productivity of industrial automation and generate process data to unlock the potential of a wide array of digital manufacturing technologies:

  • IONA is a network of sensors and software that can simultaneously capture alignment data from industrial robots and other points of interest, be that the work piece, fixture or cell datums.
  • Using IONA, engineers can monitor the performance of automated systems and ensure they are performing consistently in accordance with the simulated or programmed intent.
  • The data generated with IONA can be used to make corrections either as a one-off system calibration or as part of regular dynamic adjustments compensating for natural process variation.


We are excited to be installing the new IONA system to monitor our robot AM cell and we look forward to working closely with INSPHERE to get maximum value from the system for the benefit of our members and the wider manufacturing community. We intend to use IONA on a range of robot cells in the centre to demonstrate its value for enhancing automation in aerospace, the food and drink sector, and other applications too.

AMRC Cymru Research Director Andy Silcox

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