Brian Holliday
Stephen Phipson CBE
Donna Edwards
Andy Schofield
Jan Ward
Emma Mcleod
Dr Carl Diver
Chris Regan
Tom Dawes
Martin Leeming

Event Breakdown

Wed 10/04

Industry Leaders’ Opening Panel: delivering Britain’s 4th industrial revolution

A frank and open discussion featuring UK manufacturing leaders on opportunities for Britain’s manufacturing industry post-Brexit and up to 2030. Gain insights and informed opinion on digital manufacturing, technology trends, skills, fostering innovation and stimulating growth across the sector.

Wed 10/04

Visibility in the supply chain

Wed 10/04

Get to Grips with the Basics: why invest in Industry 4.0?

Business benefits, what will you lose if you don’t, realistic implementation, technology investment

Wed 10/04

Panel Discussion: Upskilling for Industry 4.0

This panel session focuses on the rapidly-changing landscape of work and how we train and develop the workforce of tomorrow. What will the jobs and job market of tomorrow look like? What skills does Industry 4.0 need? How can we foster these skills and embed them into the workplace? Our diverse panel brings together manufacturer, business, academic and trainee insights on Industry 4.0 skills and employment.


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