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Updated on Wednesday 23 September 2020, 2:40 PM

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Robotics as a service has now emerged as industry embraces the rapid advancements in technology. Yet 90% of the manufacturing sector still cannot afford Intralogistics Automation for several reasons, such as capital expenditure. AiVision Robotics Ltd. is making waves within industry however, removing the bottlenecks that are preventing manufacturers from embracing Intralogistics Automation.

Their commitment to UK manufacturing is strong, saving industry 60% on current operational costs, and they have further reinforced this commitment by joining FactoryNOW, a new initiative formed on the foundations of boosting UK manufacturing to support the recovery after the recent pandemic.

Co-developed by MTD and Jefferson, two of the most trusted media organizations in the sector, the FactoryNOW initiative is specifically designed to help manufacturers raise their profiles, boost sales, engage with both potential customers and suppliers, facilitate collaboration, recruit talent, launch new products and create their own bespoke communities

Jefferson and MTD have worked together for many years and earlier in 2020 formed a strategic partnership to offer the British manufacturing sector an unrivalled menu of online and offline marketing services. More than a quarter of a million people and companies follow their social media accounts. Find out more here.

For Siddharth Mittal, founder of AiVision Robotics Ltd, it made perfect sense to join and support the initiative.

“Factory now is a great initiative to bring British manufacturers together and create an ecosystem to grow manufacturing in the UK. AiVision truly live and breathe the moto designed and manufactured in the UK. We are committed to providing affordable automation to UK manufacturing and we cannot find a better platform than FactoryNow”

AiVision Robotics Ltd. offer a complete solution through their range of hardware and software products.

“Our Intralogistics-as-a-Service model knocks down the biggest barrier to entry for automation–massive infrastructure investment–by offering automation as a subscription-based service. Instead of cost-prohibitive CapEX, we provide autonomous robots, powerful software, and dedicated engineering expertise as a cost-effective service that integrates seamlessly into your current factory.”

Organizations within industry are now able to transform their intralogistics, saving a guaranteed 60% of existing operational costs, by taking advantage of AiVision Robotic Ltd.’s Robotics, Software Platform, Engineers and Logistics experts. This comes at the expense of only 40% of the organization’s existing operational costs with AiVision Robotics able to run this for them as a value-added service.

For more information on how AiVision Robotics Ltd. can help your organisation and alleviate your operational cost concerns, visit their website by clicking here.

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