Why do you need to implement lean manufacturing?

Tuesday 13 September 2022, 5:02 PM

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First pioneered by automotive manufacturers in Japan, lean management strategies have been transformative for all manufacturing environments, enabling operators to achieve production efficiencies and reduce overheads.

Introducing or improving lean management usually involves reconfiguration of the factory floor, often with some investment in installing new equipment, along with asset rationalisation to remove redundant machines. Sometimes, operators delay implementation of lean management strategies to avoid the disruption of reconfiguring, but AIS Vanguard can help by phasing the programme to work around planned shutdowns and operational requirements.

The benefits of lean in challenging market conditions

The supply challenges, price volatility, skills shortages, energy cost rises and marketplace fluctuations we have seen over the past couple of years have created uncertainty across many sectors. While some operators have delayed investment programmes and change projects, others have embraced opportunities to adapt. The turmoil has been a catalyst for lean management roll outs because it builds more resilience into an operation and often results in reduced overheads.

A leaner operation ensures less time is wasted moving people and products between processes. It may also include the installation of robots and automation to enable enhanced manufacturing capacity on the same footprint, without the need to recruit additional staffing resource. There may need to be modifications to building services to facilitate a new lean layout, but AIS Vanguard can deliver all this as part of the wider lift and shift project.

Helping operators deliver lean with lift and shift services

AIS Vanguard can help operators plan and implement lean management strategies, assisting them in minimising disruption and preventing unscheduled downtime, with a phased plan and deliverable critical path.

The company’s  engineers can divert, reconfigure and extend mechanical and electrical services to prepare for machinery moves or the installation of new machines, and the AIS Vanguard team can help with match marking, foundations and footings for new machinery locations and installations, so that everything runs like clockwork.

With a wholly-owned fleet of lifting equipment and vehicles, and an experienced, certified team of lift and shift professionals, AIS Vanguard offers complete reliability and accountability at every stage of lean management programmes. From skating small pieces of equipment across the factory floor, to using the company’s Megalift hydraulic gantry systems to raise, move and rotate heavy machines, AIS Vanguard has all the capabilities needed to leverage the benefits of lean.

AIS Vanguard is a proud member of the FactoryNOW initiative

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