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Updated on Wednesday 29 April 2020, 11:32 AM

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Stamping technology is a process that allows a defined tooth contour to be stamped into  a workpiece prior to machining. With the new SOLIDStamp system from Thame Workholding, the result of stamping the part provides the ability to clamp the part on the form-fit stamping with high pressure. This allows manufacturers to clamp workpieces on minimal material, providing complete 5-sided machining with unsurpassed access to the workpiece whilst ensuring complete clamping security.

With SOLIDStamp, this  step takes place outside the clamping device so customers can create a secure clamping through established clamping technology. Using the stamping station, raw parts can be prepared for clamping in the vice within seconds. The benefit of the SOLIDStamp system from Thame Workholding removes the necessity for complex pre-machining, such as the milling of clamping points. The SOLIDStamp requires a minimum clamping depth of 3mm, and upon this minimal clamping area, the SOLIDStamp generates the highest possible holding forces for complete component clamping security.

How the SOLIDStamp Works

By creating the holding contour, a form-fit is created when the part is subsequently clamped in the vice. Stamping is carried out outside the machine and the clamping device in a stamping device. This moves all power-intensive processes from the clamping device to the stamping station, eliminating non-productive time and ensuring that valuable spindle up-time is not disrupted.

Vices can be designed to be slim and clear and thus retain their unbeatable accessibility to the workpiece. The form-fit technology makes it possible to reduce material costs by clamping on a material depth of just 3mm whilst generating staggeringly high holding forces. When using the centre marking facility with the SOLIDStamp, the workpiece can be positioned accurately in the machine without disturbing stops.

The SOLIDStamp system from Thame Workholding is available with a standard or HiEnd variant that offers clamping widths of either 245 or 355mm with the ability to stamp parts up to 45HRc.  The units weigh 76 or 84kg depending upon the model selected. The SOLIDStamp is available with several peripheral components including stamping jaws, the SOLIDStamp centre marking tool and the SOLIDStamp gauging blocks for wear measuring. For further information on how the impressive SOLIDStamp system  can reduce set-up times, increase spindle up-time, improve accessibility for multi-faced 5-axis machining and provide unparalleled clamping forces and security, please contact Thame Workholding.

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