Thame Offers Solid Performance With New Chuck

Updated on Wednesday 29 April 2020, 11:14 AM

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For the clamping of round components, Thame Workholding has introduced the new SOLIDChuck 3-jaw manual chuck with SOLIDPoint 96 connection. The impressive new chuck, manufactured by HWR, is compatible with the SOLIDPoint 96, SOLIDBolt 96 and the QuickPoint 96 from Lang, providing end-users with a completely interchangeable option.

The new SOLIDChuck 3-jaw manual chuck is the epitomy   of flexibility; a flexibility that provides everything from clamping with hard or soft jaws for internal and external clamping and  even an easy-to-change facility that is possible through the SOLIDBolt zero-point studs. These studs provide a flexible interface with the SOLIDPoint 96, SOLIDBolt 96 and also the QuickPoint 96, EcoCompact and EcoTower from Lang.

The SOLIDChuck 3-jaw manual chuck has been designed with weight reduction in-built through the aluminium chuck body that incorporates a wear-resistant, hard-coated surface. The SOLIDChuck 3-jaw FG16 manual chuck is a 160mm diameter chuck with a clamping range from 0 to 160mm with a 20mm jaw width and a 96mm spacing on the zero-point clamping interface. The SOLIDChuck offers a tightening torque of 70Nm with a consistent clamping force of 18kN. With a lightweight design that delivers a 5kg unit, the SOLIDChuck is extremely robust with exceptional accuracy and repeatability clamping values of 0.04mm.

The flexibility of the SOLIDChuck 3-jaw manual chuck is extended via the FI16 soft jaws. Providing a clamping range from 15 to 160mm, the jaws have a 20mm width, 57mm length and a 26.5mm height. Thame Workholding can also supply the FU16 hard jaws that ensure a precision clamping range from 5 to 160mm. The FU16 jaws have a width of 20mm, a length of 44mmm and a height of 28.5mm. For further details on how the HWR SOLIDChuck 3-jaw manual chuck  can transform your workpiece clamping, please contact Thame Workholding.

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