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Thame Has a SOLIDPoint to Prove

Updated on Wednesday 29 April 2020, 11:26 AM

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The impressive SOLIDPoint zero-point technology is a new development from HWR that is now available in the UK from Thame Workholding. Developed to achieve significantly higher pull-in forces than systems already on the market, the system incorporates locking technology that consists of significantly less components than comparable systems. This results in only minimal friction losses and 3 times higher locking force..

Following  the end of  collaboration with Lang, HWR developed its own zero-point systems with the same reliable, consistent and high-quality service levels. HWR has striven, and succeeded, in further developing the tried and tested technology, developing a new locking function based on a slide mechanism. In addition to the 3 times higher pull-in force, customers are now able to use the zero-point plates even more effectively. The highlight, however, is the  incorporation of both 96 and 52 centres in one plate, thus eliminating the need for  expensive adapter plates.

The locking technology works via two locking slides and a threaded spindle with a right-hand and left-hand thread, meaning the mechanism consists of only 3 components and thus has only minimal friction losses. Through a 45° arrangement of locking force lines within the mechanics, Thame Workholding can increase the pull-in forces and produce repeatable, safe clamping.

The SOLIDPoint zero-point technology is completely adaptable with 96/52 mechanical zero-point plates, multi-plates, multi-zero-point plates, 5-axis riser plates, twin-bases, adapter plates and a complete range of accessories, plugs, studs, cover plates and support plates.  With an extremely diverse product range with a multitude of dimensions, adaptations and opportunities, the SOLIDPoint zero-point technology from Thame Workholding is capable of solving all your workholding needs for 3, 4 and 5-axis machining applications.

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