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Updated on Wednesday 29 April 2020, 11:09 AM

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Now available from Thame Workholding is the impressive SOLIDGrip range of centring vices. The SOLIDGrip vices offer a wide range of applications ranging from raw part clamping with stamping technology to clamping of smooth jaws or the clamping of contour parts. This makes SOLIDGrip the right solution for all your 5-axis machining processes.

The SOLIDGrip jaws have holding teeth contours on both sides, making it compatible with the Makrogrip and Quickpoint systems from Lang. The smooth clamping surfaces of the jaws can also be used without stamping, ensuring the best possible accessibility due to minimal collision contours.

For manufacturers looking to use the form-fit clamping, this offers several major advantages over clamping methods using force or frictional clamping. Due to the external pre-stamping of the blanks outside the vice, no high forces need be generated in the clamping device itself. All force-intensive processes are transferred from the clamping device to the stamping station, thus eliminating the need for force intensifiers in the clamping device. This allows the SOLIDGrip vices to be designed compactly and with virtually no collision contours. The purely mechanical actuation system is as simple as it is effective. Using the form-fit connection, the SOLIDGrip only requires minimal clamping forces to achieve the highest holding forces at the same time. This ensures maximum clamping security and rigidity for end users.

As simple as it is ingenious, the SOLIDGrip vices consist of 8 individual parts with only 3 moving components. . Whilst weight is kept to a minimum, accessibility, handling, functionality and flexibility are all maintained at optimum levels. Furthermore, the SOLIDGrip vices can be used with various accessory options in addition to the blank clamping for the most varied clamping tasks.

Compatible with the SOLIDPoint and QuickPoint from Lang, the SOLIDGrip system can be used with either stamping technology or smooth soft surfaces, whereas the jaws can be used on both sides. These  vices are easy to change over to the SOLIDBolt system by simply exchanging the zero-point studs, ensuring vastly superior flexibility. SOLIDGrip is available in an exceptionally wide range of variants that include the SOLIDGrip 77 and the SOLIDGrip 125 5-axis centring vices with jaw widths of 46, 77 and 125mm with a clamping range from 0 to 355mm, which caters for an extremely diverse  range of components. For further information on how you can apply this exciting new SOLIDGrip to approach full 5-axis machining of your parts, please contact Thame Workholding.

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