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Ten advantages of touchscreen experiences for Manufacturers

Updated on Wednesday 4 August 2021, 7:55 PM

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Planning an event? Hoping to attend a tradeshow? Or looking to create a compelling environment in a customer services centre? 

Your business may be at the forefront of innovation with world-leading solutions. But, when you meet customers do they come away inspired, excited and fully cognisant of what you do and the value you deliver? If not, then they should.

You’ll have invested huge resources in getting to where you are as a business. But, it can be hard to clearly and simply articulate what you do and the value you deliver to customers. Especially, if you’re selling highly specialised and complex solutions, across multiple sectors and customer roles, all with different challenges and requirements.

Whether you have a new product or service to showcase, a diverse portfolio to present or complex information to convey, interactive touch screen experiences will help you get your message across and engage with your customers in a more personalised, creative and immersive way.

Plus, if you’re thinking of digitally transforming your sales and marketing processes and content you can develop a digital sales experience that can be used at events, sales meetings, in customer experience centres, retail or marketing suites and in virtual meetings too. Take a look at our recent blog about creating an omnichannel digital experience to see how you can get the most out of your digital sales experience.

Why touchscreen experiences are great for business

Here’s a quick run-down of the top 10 reasons you should consider a developing a touchscreen experience for your business

 1. A visual, fun way to keep customers engaged

There are so many ways users can interact with touch screens, from browsing interactive 3D models, product visualisations that can be pulled apart on screen, to viewing 4k videos and high-resolution imagery and product configurators, the options are endless.

2. Tell unique and engaging stories

Touchscreen experiences give you the ability to tell your story in a more visually creative, innovative and compelling way making for a more meaningful and memorable experience.

3. Showcase complex information simply and easily

Making the complex simple is key. People don’t like sifting through lots of information to find what they’re looking for.  A well-designed touch screen can be simple and intuitive to use so finding the information customers want is quick, easy and enjoyable.

4. Personalise the experience to the individual

Touchscreens let your customers personalise the content to their interests and the journey they want to take. No more one size fits all, making for a highly targeted and unique experience for each and every person. They can easily search, customise your products and see what they look like in situ

5. Keep your content fresh

One of the biggest benefits of a great experience is that, unlike with printed materials, you can update the content instantly using either a web-based content management system or one local to the experience, so it is always current

6. Support existing printed materials and physical products

There is something very visceral about being able to touch a product or flick through a brochure. Touchscreens don’t have to replace this, but can act as a powerful support. Being able to touch a product and then explore it in more detail through a touchscreen experience can add a level of interaction just not possible with traditional material.

7. Let customers discover content their own way

Because a touchscreen is self-initiated, you can leave customers to explore your content in their own time. A well-designed experience should be intuitive and easy to use letting customers get to the content they are interested in and keeping them engaged for longer.

8. Touch screens have the WOW factor making you look more innovative and forward-thinking

Touchscreens can be a great way to not only showcase products and services, but also to show that your brand is embracing the latest technologies – especially if you want to establish your reputation as an innovative, forward-thinking business that values the customer experience.

9. Creating added connections with your customers

Touchscreens can create an opportunity to share an experience with your customer, browsing content together. Through interactive content 
 you can deepen your connection by letting them send themselves content directly from the experience.

10. Understand what interests people with analytics

Using analytics behind your touchscreen you can see exactly what interests people and how long they are spending exploring your experience. This data can be invaluable for fine tuning your experience or understanding what products or solutions are of most interest to your audience.

If this blog has piqued your interest download our recently updated Beginners Guide to Touchscreen Experiences here.

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