Manufacturing R&D Projects for Improving Hygiene on the Production Line

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Updated on Thursday 27 August 2020, 11:38 AM

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There’s no commercial sector that hasn’t been shaken up in a big way by the effects of the ongoing pandemic. Many brands have had to adapt in ways that have seen their business model pivot completely. Others are carving a new path to meet new customer demands in a changed world.

Levelling up safety and hygiene standards is top of the list, with these factors now front of mind for many shoppers. In the manufacturing industry, they’re vital. As part of best-practice quality control, keeping hygiene levels sky-high is a must.

Thankfully, research and development (R&D) could be the key to keeping your production line squeaky clean and your customers confident in your hygiene standards. Let’s take a look at just a handful of hygiene-related R&D projects that could be eligible for a tax relief claim.

Introducing more hygienic materials and machinery

State-of-the-art machinery is the lifeblood of manufacturing. Whatever can be automated must be. In the name of hygiene, making targeted updates to your facility’s machinery and the production line itself can make low-maintenance cleanliness a reality.

These kinds of updates don’t pay for themselves – but with a successful claim for R&D tax credits, your manufacturing business could find the funds to take hygiene standards up a notch.

Designing a hygienic new factory area from floor to ceiling

Sometimes a nip here and a tuck there just won’t cut it. If your current facility isn’t fit for purpose in terms of providing a sterile, hygienic environment for product manufacturing, this could be your opportunity for a squeaky clean slate.

By upgrading to new premises, you can create an efficient, hygienic working environment that maximises production output while using the most hygienic materials, air management systems and more. To finance your expansion, explore the potential of R&D tax relief.

Identifying and eliminating product contamination

In the packaging industry, particularly where food products are concerned, contamination is the enemy. By consulting with external labs or even introducing new technologies to identify contamination during the production process, you can gain vital new knowledge. This knowledge can be wielded to ensure a safer, more hygienic manufacturing process than ever before.

The costs associated with this activity can be significant indeed. The good news is that manufacturing businesses just like yours have successfully claimed tax credits on the research and development that comes with identifying and stamping out product contamination.

With so much potential for innovation when it comes to your facility’s hygiene standards, it’d be a shame to miss out on the chance to finance these crucial upgrades. You could clean up with a successful R&D claim, so get in touch with Lumo today to find out if your business is eligible.

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