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Quarterly-ish Roundup Volume #2

Updated on Tuesday 28 July 2020, 3:32 PM

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In May we received a grant as part of the HMRC’s Customs Training and IT Grants Scheme. The money was used to send two members of the team on a certified customs declaration training course and for new and improved IT equipment for the entire team. To say that we are pleased would be an understatement.

In June we launched a range of PLC and HMI training courses. Our comprehensive range of material primarily covers SiemensAllen-Bradley and Mitsubishi but we can also cover GE Fanuc, Honeywell and Omron with custom and 1-2-1 courses also available upon request. You can read more about our training courses here.

In July we updated our website again. We just can’t help ourselves…

The update includes improved page loading times, the introduction of the training content and a redesign of the about page, the front page and the parts pages. We are confident that these new changes will continue to make your experience faster, easier and generally more pleasant.

Also new on the website is our post about embracing importing and exporting. At the end of Q2 our exports were still up for the year, despite Brexit looming and all of the uncertainty surrounding it and this is something we are rather proud of. This article was later posted on the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce blog too.

Last and by no means least, our newly-founded social media efforts on both Twitter and LinkedIn are growing at a steady rate. Since our last update we have gained hundreds of great new followers and friends. On a daily basis we champion manufacturing and share content, jobs and news from the sector. If you don’t follow us already, please do — we would love to speak and share content with you.

To summarise, it has been another productive quarter with exports still on the rise. We were awarded some new computers and did some customs declaration training, we launched some PLC training courses and did some Twittering. It has been great!

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