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Friday 31 July 2020, 12:24 PM

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Certain clients require precise storage solutions. Not only to fit into their  workshop facility but also into their company culture and overall aesthetic. A key element is to understand the requirement and work pattern within an area and with the input from site engineers and advice from the Polstore Project Manager expert storage solutions are integrated into the workspace.

Polstore can offer a variety of storage solutions to accommodate this diverse requirement. The machining centres require CNC tool storage cupboards, inspection areas require benching and drawer cabinets, assembly areas are fitted with heavy duty drawer systems and roller shutter door shelving and now a new 3D printing room fitted out with a multi-level benching arrangement.

Where our workshop storage product range excels is the drawer storage cabinet design. A wide inventory of heavy fixings and consumables was previously stored in plastic and metal stacking containers. The issue here is, like shelving, how much wasted space there is above the contents being stored up to the top of the containers or shelf.

They are also open to the surrounding dust and dirt particles in the air which over time tarnishes the new consumables especially if it’s a slow moving item. We recommend moving these items into pull out drawers. Our drawer system, due to the 3mm steel carriages and guides, each have a 200kg load capacity.

The drawer is divided up into individual locations, each location is stock filled reducing wasted space and labelled thus giving the user excellent presentation. As the drawers glide in and out the operatives experience is second to none.

As always with Polstore’s professional service we offer a free no obligation site survey followed up with a detailed proposal and necessary drawings.

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