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Updated on Wednesday 23 September 2020, 2:59 PM

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AiVision Robotics Ltd. Is working to change the robotics industry and they have recently reinforced their commitment to industry by bringing their intralogistics-as-a-service model to UK manufacturing, saving manufacturers a massive 60% in operational costs and a Return of Investment (ROI) within the first three months. Visit their website to learn more.

Their commitment to UK manufacturing has also be shown within their recent announcement joining FactoryNOW, an initiative Co-developed by MTD and Jefferson, two of the most trusted media organizations in the sector. The FactoryNOW initiative is specifically designed to help manufacturers raise their profiles, boost sales, engage with both potential customers and suppliers, facilitate collaboration, recruit talent, launch new products and create their own bespoke communities. Learn more about why they joined FactoryNOW by clicking here.

What is intralogistics?

Intralogistics is the integration, automation and management of logistical flow of information and material goods within the walls of fulfillment or distribution centers. The main aim behind intralogistics is to optimize productivity through a combined use of improved technology, labor and equipment thereby, reducing costs, minimizing inventory and delivering products faster to the market.

We recently sat down with Siddharth Mittal, Founder of AiVision Robotics Ltd., to share more about our story on why we formed and why we are helping manufacturing organizations around the world with their intralogistics needs. Sid Mittal explains the moment he realized he wanted to form AiVision Robotics Ltd. And enlightens us with some of the reasons why. He goes onto to explain that;

“One of our friendly manufacturers called RGE Group based in Peterborough was looking for automation. They looked at various companies and found the cost of automation was quite high.

A 500kg autonomous mobile robot for example, cost around £50,000+ in the UK. I know the MD of the company very well and during the discussion with him I realized there was an opportunity to disrupt the market by providing affordable plug and play robotics as a service to the UK Manufacturers. This is how AiVision Robotics was born.”

There came a real turning point when Sid Mittal began to see AiVision Robotics Ltd. Take form. This occurred when AiVision created their first prototype and managed to achieve autonomous capabilities within much less material and R&D costs.

There was no doubt many obstacles that needed to be overcome along the way, and Sid Mittal reflects on some of those challenges;

“The First challenge was to find likeminded people who were ready to disrupt the market. When we were approached by our first prospective customer, we felt a great sense of achievement given the short space of time since we had formed”

AiVision Robotic Ltd.’s is a great example of market disrupter, challenging the status quo and breaking down barriers for UK manufacturer to embrace the rapid advancement of technology in a cost-effective way. The fact that many are now saving 60% of their existing operational costs speaks volumes and certainly paves the way for a positive future for the intralogistics industry led by AiVision.

“In next 10 years we see AiVision providing multiple types of robotics platforms for Manufacturers, Warehouse, Hospitals, Hotels and other Indoor businesses. Our target is to achieve annual recurring revenue in excess of £15m in next 10 year” Sid Mittal goes on to explain, “We plan to go for VC funding within the next 4 months and we have already gathered a team of ex Dyson engineers and Robotics enthusiast to take AiVision ahead in this journey. It started with one person and we are now team of 4. We plan to grow to 15 in just one year from now.”

It is clear to see AiVision Robotics Ltd. Are just beginning to spread their wings, and we are excited to see what more awaits this amazing organisation.

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