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InspirON – Sustainability in Design Engineering on demand

Updated on Wednesday 26 October 2022, 3:40 PM

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The focus on design engineering is shifting with a huge demand from customers for more sustainable products. We believe that experts from both industry and academia can be brought together to share their expertise and thinking with others – the online knowledge sharing InspirON series meets this need.

The series covers topics ranging from sustainable material selection, the role that digital manufacturing and industry 4.0 will play, and how to develop and optimise a sustainable supply chain.

The series consists of presentations and roundtable discussions covering a range of topics all focused on sustainability.  Its aim is to prepare design engineers for the fast-evolving green agenda which is driven by both legislation and customer demand.

The event provides a platform and environment to think about and discuss pertinent topics that will increasingly affect a designer’s day to day work. This year the event focused on design engineering and the impact that it will make for future manufactured products and goods. The entire series is now available to view on demand here.


The event features the following experts:


Dr Helen Lockett, Senior Lecturer in General Engineering at the The Open University

Using additive manufacturing to reduce waste and environmental impact from manufacturing

Helens talk highlights some of the opportunities for DED additive manufacturing to reduce waste and environmental impact, with examples from the Aerospace industry. It also introduces design for additive manufacture techniques that can be used to assess manufacturability and minimise waste and cost.


Mats Lewan, Futurist, Research Analyst, Author, and Journalist

Technology changes the world, but people make the magic

In this session, futurist and author Mats Lewan gives his view on how innovations bring structural change, the power of ‘digital intrapreneurship’ for harvesting new ideas, and the increasing importance of finding a balance between humans and technology in a digitalised world.


Rob Law, Founder and CEO at Trunki

A Trunki journey to NET Zero

Rob Law founder and CEO of the travel brand Trunki takes you on his business journey from overcoming his start up hurdles and Dragons Den, how he re-shore production in 2012 to navigating the complex world of suitability and re-focusing the business to be Carbon Neutral. Rob also shares fresh insights into UK design, manufacture and export.


Reed Paget, Environmental-entrepreneur

Sustainability in Product Design, Manufacturing and the Waste Stream

Consumers, businesses and governments have never been more focused on sustainability. Reed explores what sustainability means in regard to materials, processes, product design and product longevity.  While addressing the environmental impact of products represents a substantial creative challenge…it is equally a major commercial opportunity for those who identify the most sustainable options first.


Dr. Oliver Gabriel, 3D Print Channel Manager at HP

Transforming Industries with 3D Printing

Dr Oliver Gabriel takes you through some of the key thoughts on sustainability in 3D Printing. He covers additive and digital manufacturing’s contribution to present and future production, how to improve carbon footprint, packaging solutions and meeting regulatory requirements.


Protolabs Product Specialists

The role of digital manufacturing in sustainability

Our team of product specialists discuss how digital manufacturing plays a crucial role in the design, development and manufacture of more sustainable products.

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