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Updated on Tuesday 22 September 2020, 8:18 AM

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Our Insight video series will help you master digital manufacturing. Every Friday we’ll post a new video – each one giving you a deeper Insight into how to design better parts. We’ll cover specific topics such as choosing the right 3D printing material, optimising your design for CNC machining, surface finishes for moulded parts, and much more besides.

Below is a recap of our latest Insight videos, which you can also view alongside all of our previous videos on our website. Never want to miss an Insight video? Subscribe here!


Insight: Overmoulding – Key Elements to Consider

In this video we look at materials and their compatibility for the bonding process in overmoulding. If the design itself won’t lock the two parts together, then a strong chemical bond is required. We also look at the functionality requirements of the part (an overmoulded part is often for grip, such as on a hand tool or surgical equipment); and the aesthetic requirements (colour considerations and materials that match a company’s brand).

Insight: Insert Moulding – Adding Durability and Strength

In this video we look at insert moulding and how it can add durability and strength to a part. We look at specific applications where your part may need extra strength; specific thermoplastics that can be used for insert moulding; the problems with plastics that require very high moulding temperatures. We also look at what your supplier may offer, in terms of inserts for the moulds, and what you should be asking of them to ensure you get the job done right.

Insight: Selective Laser Sintering – Fully Functional Parts with SLS

In this video we look at selective laser sintering, or ‘SLS’ for short. We look at how the technology works; what it delivers that other additive technologies cannot; the materials available and their characteristics within the process. But we also look at some of the limitations and what you can do to get around potential problems, to make sure the technology will meet your needs.

Insight: Injection Moulding – Don’t be too Sharp

In this video we look at smoothing out radii in injection moulded parts, and all the factors that need addressing to ensure manufacturability. We look at part geometry, wall thickness, how to apply radius at different areas of the part. And we also look at the injection moulding process itself – how the molten plastic moves through the cavity, how that should impact your CAD, and material considerations to ensure the best functioning part.


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