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Updated on Friday 10 July 2020, 11:39 AM

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Our Insight video series will help you master digital manufacturing. Every Friday we’ll post a new video – each one giving you a deeper Insight into how to design better parts. We’ll cover specific topics such as choosing the right 3D printing material, optimising your design for CNC machining, surface finishes for moulded parts, and much more besides.

Below is a recap of our latest Insight videos, which you can also view alongside all of our previous videos on our website. Never want to miss an Insight video? Subscribe here!


Insight: Secondary Services

This video looks at some of the additional services that suppliers should provide you with to help meet project requirements. This includes the types of quality inspection reports, post production operations, drilling and tapping holes and threads and part finishes.

Insight: CNC Machining Cutting Costs

In this video we look at CNC machining costs and how to cut them. We look at what could potentially be compromised in the design, such as sharp edges and perfectly square corners – what can be altered in the design to avoid costly electrical discharge machining and slow material removal rates. We also look at walls and features within the part, and how to keep your design as simple as possible in order to keep those machining costs down.

Insight: Plastic Injection Moulding – Improving Part Design with Uniform Wall Thickness

In this video we begin by explaining the importance of ‘uniformity’, in terms of sinking, warping, and essentially non-functioning parts. We then look at what this means for designing a functional and cosmetically accurate part. Considerations include spans, corners, bosses, and wall height, so we look at what clever changes can be made to the design to overcome problems relating to wall thickness.

Insight: Medical Applications

In this video we look at what you need to consider when choosing the right manufacturing partner. We also look at the various options for rapid prototyping of medical devices: injection moulding, CNC machining and 3D printing – the advantages and disadvantages of each. Getting through the regulatory gates is a key goal in the medical product development process, and this video aims to help you get started down the right track.

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