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Insight Podcasts: September Edition

Tuesday 15 September 2020, 9:45 AM

3 Minute Read

Our Insight Podcast series aims to help you design better parts for digital manufacturing. We will provide you with useful tips to save time and money, as well as looking into case studies to support your own journey to part production.

Below is a recap of our latest podcasts, you can also view all of our podcasts on our website and through popular streaming services, including Apple, Google, and Spotify.

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Design Essentials: Insert and Overmoulding

In this episode, we discuss design considerations for injection moulded parts, with a specific focus on overmoulding and insert moulding.

The topics we will be talking through today are:

  • Overmoulding: process, method, material selection, factors to consider, chemical and mechanical bonding
  • Insert moulding: process and method
  • Why use overmoulding and insert moulding?


Protolabs Q&A: CNC Big Block

In this episode we answer your questions on CNC big block with David Ewing, EMEA Product Manager – CNC Machining at Protolabs. See below for a list of questions answered in this session:

  • What is meant when you refer to the term “Big Block”?
  • What materials are open to Big Block?
  • What kind of tolerances can be achieved with the Big Block capabilities?
  • What is the minimum quantity I can have if I choose CNC?
  • What kind of materials are used in CNC & what should I consider when selecting for my machined parts?
  • I’m looking to have a logo put on to my part, is this worth doing?
  • What is the minimum wall thickness on a machined part?
  • On the topic of undercuts, what kind of clearance would you recommend?

Get involved in future sessions by sending in your questions to or use #ProtolabsQA.


Design Essentials: Threading Considerations for CNC Machining

In this episode, we discuss threading considerations when CNC Machining a part.

The topics we will be talking through today are:

  • What is a thread?
  • Internal threads: process and factors to consider
  • External threads: process and factors to consider
  • Coil inserts
  • Modelling threads in CAD
  • Internal and external threads summary


Reducing Risk Through On-Demand Manufacturing

In this episode, we talk you through supply chain management and how to reduce risk through on-demand manufacturing.

The topics we will be talking through today are:

  • Strategic importance of supply chain safeguards
  • The bottom line
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Quoting and design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis
  • Product development
  • Pilot production
  • Bridge to production


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