G-Hold® optimises its stock handling and achieves seamless Ecommerce integration with MRPeasy cloud-based ERP software

Updated on Friday 20 August 2021, 11:29 AM

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The Company

Scottish based G-Hold® has a mission to change the way the world holds things. The company
has been designing patented holders since 2010. Unlike other tablet and phone grips in the market, G-Hold products are designed to allow your hand and wrist to remain in a passive position to protect your hand and wrist from strain.

The G-Hold® ergonomic holder range now includes G-Hold Tablet Holders, G-Hold Phone Holders, G-Hold Home Hangs (to use as wall mounts for mobile devices or desk risers for laptops), and a full Working From Home Kit, which was created as a result of the global pandemic.

The entire product range is manufactured in Edinburgh and shipped around the world to leading retailers, educators and enterprises.

G-Hold Tablet Holders have become the top selling tablet accessory on HSN (owned by QVC) and the company has won multiple awards for design and innovation in the Science of Holding.

The Business Case

The Retail sector is fast moving and technology is a key enabler to managing stock, optimising production planning and deploying effective scheduling to be able to quickly understand your production costs and to be able to accelerate time to market.

G-Hold® founder, Alison Grieve, in common with many small businesses, was using a manufacturing whiteboard to manage her stock levels which was then replaced by an Excel spreadsheet. However, in scaling the business, Alison was keen to show on the company’s balance sheet how the stock gains value by being manufactured from individual parts and to ensure accurate stock levels were maintained at all times. She therefore decided to implement an ERP system which could enable her to achieve these goals. She commenced the selection process by conducting some initial research on Google, but soon became a little overwhelmed by the amount of systems available and so chose to consult with other manufacturing businesses. As a result of speaking with a couple of companies who were successfully using MRPeasy she took their recommendations and decided to follow their lead.

The Results

MRPeasy was implemented by one of Alison’s former employees, using MRPeasy’s recommended implementation guide.

The Operations Manager, Martina Zupan, who joined the company over 15 months ago, summed up her experience of how the software is benefiting the business. “MRPeasy has some fantastic features. As a company, we manufacture tens of thousands of products each year and the software shows us what we have in stock and when we have to order new parts. We are also benefiting from the software being pre-integrated with the Shopify Ecommerce platform, so with a click of a few buttons we can pull information from our online orders into MRPeasy which saves us a significant amount of time.”

With the Launch of their new Working From Home Kit, Martina advised that it was very quick to set it up on MRPeasy and that they’ve been able to track parts and process manufacturing orders from the very start.

More latterly Martina explained that she has fully switched to using MRPeasy solely on her iPad as she can comfortably carry it around with their own tablet holder which makes it even quicker to use and with terminal view on her iPad she can easily do stock takes in their storage facility which again saves considerable time.

“We absolutely love that MRPeasy is compatible across multiple types of devices (we’ve been using it on Microsoft Surface as well as iPads) and that the customer support is always available to answer any questions we might have.”

Summing up she continued, “going forward we are looking to continue to expand our use of MRPeasy by taking advantage of any integration and automation features it offers and to see how we can make operations smoother with all the new products we’ve added to our portfolio over the past year. It is a fantastic and vital tool for our scaling hardware business.”

MRPeasy is a proud member of the FactoryNOW initiative

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